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Figg's Cats & Polyjuice potion

Well, this is my first post. Actually this was my comment to a post about the relationship of squibs and their cats by kokopelli, but I thought I'd post it again in case anyone has any ideas on this.

I haven't read my books in a while, but I think Ms.Figg has only 4 cats (Mr. Tibbles, Snowy, Mr. Paws, and Tufty). Something interesting to me is how a couple of their names are similiar to some wizards names I noticed. For example Tufty (= Tofty, he was one of the examiners for the OWLS), and his friend (also an OWL examiner) is named Tiberius (= Tibbles). Also interesting is that Figg's house smells of cabbage which we know to be a sign of Polyjuice potion. So I suspect Tufty and Mr. Tibbles to be the OWL examiners on the potion. As far as Snowy and Mr. Paws, perhaps they are just regualar cats, but otherwise the only connection I can make is Snowy = Snow Owl = Hedwig? There was a third OWL examiner mentioned... Madam Marchbanks.. I suppose Marchbanks = marching feet = feet/paws = Mr. Paws? Those are a little more far fetched.. but anyway I thought I might share these thoughts..
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